Deliveries to all ABSA offices within the borders of South Africa are free.With the exception of Limpopo & Northern Cape.

Yes there is no limit to the quantity you may purchase.

Yes you may depending on what may be available at the refurbisher.

No. All orders will be delivered by a courier company.

Yes however delivery delays may occur.

All payments for devices are to be made upfront. We don't accommodate installment sales. Deductions from monthly salaries will not be permitted as well.

All products are sold without a 12 month warranty unless the warranty is purchased as an add on cost. This is a limited carry in warranty which will not cover, virus or malware attacks. Water or physical damage or power surges.

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee. The device will be assessed first prior to approval of the payback. Please use the return request page on the website. https://webuyitback.co.za/return-requests/

Due to the volume of devices that passes through our facility we can't guarantee that you would get your original device back.

Devices that have been returned after a refresh cycle are put through the production process, and then again retested to ensure they meet all original factory specifications (may have cosmetic damages).  These devices have also undergone a rebuilding and testing process and are closing monitored by a ISO certified process.

Most if not all of the refurbished products for sale are of a commercial product grade and not consumer grade. This implies that they carry improved specifications and build quality from tier one original equipment manufacturers like Dell, Hewlett Packard and Lenovo.